5 Top Tips for getting headhunted on Linkedin

5 Top Tips for getting headhunted on Linkedin

by Adam Underwood - over 5 years ago

Your LinkedIn profile acts as a second online CV, with employers likely to refer to it when they’re deciding whether to shortlist you.

Here, the expert Oscar Construction team offers five top tips on how you can improve your LinkedIn profile and get noticed for all of the right reasons.

Tip 1: A clear headline

LinkedIn auto-fills your headline to show your current role, but this can be tailored to demonstrate your experience and feature keywords relating to the role you’re looking for.

Tip 2: Have an effective short summary

Just like your CV, be sure to include your most recent experience coupled with your career goals. Keep it concise and to the point.

Tip 3: Ask for endorsements

LinkedIn makes this easy by inviting ex-colleagues and employers to write up testimonials for you but don’t be afraid to drop some messages to people to encourage them to take action. Aim to have at least two endorsements on your profile to boost credibility.

Tip 4: Expand your network

Looking for a new role provides the ideal opportunity to engage with your LinkedIn network, whether that’s interacting with posts or adding new connections. You never know where this might lead.

Tip 5: Check your photo

Try to include a professional-looking picture for your profile. This might seem obvious, but there are still people who include holiday shots and selfies. While you may want to express yourself and communicate your interests, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform so keep things business-like.

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