How to write a great CV

How to write a great CV

by Adam Underwood - over 5 years ago

Providing pointers to craft the perfect CV.

Our team are experts in recruitment and know exactly what our clients are looking for from potential employees. Here, we provide our top tips on how to make your CV stand out from the competition.

Attention-grabbing professional summary

Decisions can be made on suitability from your professional summary alone. It doesn’t need to be witty or thought-provoking, but it does need to be direct, truthful and communicate key information about who you are, why you’d be great for the role and your career aspirations.


There’s no perfect structure for a CV as it depends on the industry you’re in, the role you’re applying for as well as your skills and experience. However, there is a standard format that most employers expect to see, which is:

  • Opening statement/professional summary.
  • Most recent work experience.
  • Employer Testimonials.
  • Skills and qualifications.
  • Education history.
  • References.

References, testimonials & case studies

Try not to just include contact details for employers. Instead, gather some testimonials from your previous employers to add instant credibility to your CV. Additionally, case studies can illustrate any challenges that you overcame and demonstrate the real-time application of your training and skills.

Further reading

CVs can’t tell an employer everything about you, so consider adding links to further reading on LinkedIn, an online portfolio or to a video of you talking about your experience in greater detail.


  • Check for typos and grammatical mistakes
  • Don’t exaggerate or bend the truth
  • Avoid being negative about previous roles and employers
  • You don’t have to include personal information that you’re not comfortable with, i.e. ethnicity, marital status etc.

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