What your CV must include to make it to the interview stage

What your CV must include to make it to the interview stage

by Elise Milburn - over 5 years ago

Explaining the fundamentals that every employer is looking for.

It’s critical that you spend time updating your CV and adapting it in line with the role you’re applying for. To help, the experts at Oscar Construction look at the three key elements that all successful CVs need to give you the best chance of making it to the interview stage.

Content is king and context is key

It’s not enough to simply provide a brief overview of your experience. To engage employers, you need to take the reader on a journey including the challenges you’ve faced in your career and the action you took to overcome them. In short, the more specific you can be about your work experience the better.

Oscar Construction Top Tip

For every role you’ve completed, include a specific challenge and achievement. These will also provide great talking points in your interview.


Much like Google, employers love keywords. Make sure you hit the right notes by including an appropriate number of keywords that are relevant to the role you’re applying for (the job description will help with this). If the role requires specific qualifications then ensure they’re included early on your CV.

Oscar Construction Top Tip

Some employers use software that scans CVs for particular keywords, so make sure you use the right ones to help secure that all-important interview.

Editing is just as important

It sounds obvious, but a major bugbear for employers is a CV that’s too wordy. While it may be difficult to edit your CV down to the standard two pages, particularly if you’ve had an extensive career, it’s worth assessing whether all of the information included is relevant for the role you’re applying for.

Oscar Construction Top Tip

Ask someone else to read through your CV and recommend which areas can be shortened. They’ll be a lot more objective than you.

Ask the experts

Oscar Construction helps all of our candidates craft the ideal CV for the role they’re applying for. Our inside knowledge of client requirements and culture can make a real difference when it comes to making the shortlist.

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