Heather Watson

Heather Watson

by Elise Milburn - over 3 years ago

“Everyone at Oscar is supported not only in their career but in all aspects of their life. My personal goals are viewed just as highly as my professional development."

Meet Heather Watson, Lead Consultant

Start Date: December 2014

Heather's career progression with Oscar:

Trainee - Consultant - Senior Consultant - Lead Consultant 

What Heather says about Oscar:

"My team is made up of awesome people and the management team has always been supportive in anything I've wanted to achieve both in and out of work. I was given full support to take a short sabbatical in South East Asia and returned to work with a renewed passion for recruitment. I've been allowed to develop at my own pace and as Oscar is always changing with the times I've had access to new tech and tools to support my team's expansion into the European market. 

"As a Lead Consultant I feel valued and that my voice is heard. I can't wait to see where the next phase of my Oscar journey takes me."

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