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Nothing is more important to economic growth than infrastructure.

You build the roads, the rail and the bridges. The ports, the terminals and the tunnels.

We’re working to support the progress of infrastructure projects in the USA. We’ll connect you with challenging, career-defining jobs that are building the future of the US economy.

From concept design through project build and post-construction, Oscar Construction supplies talent to all phases of the construction industry across America.

Oscar Construction’s team of consultants will work with you to help develop your career in construction. We're trusted by construction professionals to find them the right jobs.

Due to the nature of the large-scale projects we’re supporting, we always want to connect with:

Project Engineers and Project Managers
Civil and Structural Engineers
Construction Superintendents, Supervisors and Managers
Architects, Architectural Designers, Architectural Engineers

View the latest construction infrastructure jobs below.

Do you need construction infrastructure talent for your team? Click here.


"Rob and I have worked closely over the past 18 months. Rob and his team have been able to produce top candidates with high value skill sets in our specific field even in a difficult recruiting environment. Rob has and continues to be a valuable asset for our company.”

Nick Coffelt, Director of Engineering NA

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